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Giving you access to over 35 years of ongoing research into the factors that make people successful.

Brought to you exclusively by Validity Group, PERFORM® delivers a complete solution for organisations across all industry sectors and across all geographies.

Comprising a Predictor of Performance™ and leadership diagnostics, PERFORM® delivers customised digital training targeting key leadership development areas for each individual.

This makes it  easy for organisations to develop their leaders and managers for maximum benefit to both the individual and the business – effectively and easily.

This powerful solution package solves the leadership challenges faced by many businesses today.

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Three Key Performance Areas

From Skillogy’s research, a model of abilities has been developed

Based around some 250 inter-related characteristics and traits that directly impact on individual performance in the workplace, these performance areas are considered to fall into three key clusters.

The Core Ability Model contains 28 modules and 224 course tutorials from which to select the most relevant soft skill development for individual and organisational needs.

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