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Health & Safety

An Introduction to Health and Safety at Work

An Introduction to Managing Health and Safety

An Introduction to Risk Assessment

Asbestos Awareness

Asbestos Basic Awareness

Avoiding Slips, Trips and Falls

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Awareness

Display Screen Equipment and Workstation Safety

Fire Prevention and Evacuation

Fire, Safety and Evacuation

Hand Hygiene – A Video Guide to Effective Hand Washing

Managing and Handling Stress at Work

Managing Workplace Transport Health and Safety Risks

Preventing Bullying in the Workplace

Protecting the Environment at Work and Home

Risk Assessment for Managers

RSI – What It Is and How to Avoid It

Safe Manual Handling

Safe Working with Workplace Transport

Staying Safe in Confined Spaces

Staying Safe with Electricity

Staying Safe with Hazardous Substances

Staying Safe with Noise

Help Desk

Comparing Platforms and Devices

Computer Component Interactions

Computer Hardware

Computer Networking

Computer Operating Systems

Computer Software

Computer Storage and Memory

Customer Relationship Management

Desktop and Mobile Platform Components

Desktop Operating Systems

Disaster Recovery Plannng

Internet and Intranet

Internet Security

IT Behavior, Compliance and Ethics

Mobile and Tablet Operating Systems

Operating System Components

Platform Peripheral Devices

Serial and Parallel Ports

Service Operating Systems

Software Application Features

Software Installation Processes

Software Performance and Diagnostic Testing

Software SystemRequirements

Troubleshooting Basics

Troubleshooting Tools

Troubleshooting Common Hardware Issues

Troubleshooting Common Issues with Peripheral Devices

Troubleshooting Common Software Issues

Troubleshooting Connectivity and Networking Issues

Human Resources

AODA – Managing Customer Service

AODA – Training for AODA Customer Service

Diversity in the Workplace for Employees

Diversity in the Workplace for Employers

Health and Wellness

Motivation Based Interviewing

Preventing Violence in the Workplace for Employees

Preventing Violence in the Workplace for Employers

Talent Management – in Class

Workplace Harassment for Employees

Workplace Harassment for Employers

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) for Employees

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) for Employers

Workplace Safety for Employees

Workplace Safety for Employers

Language for Business

Talk Business!

Talk More!

Talk Now!

Talk the Talk!


Appraising Workplace Performance

Building Effective Teams

Coaching in the Workplace

Common Human Resource-Related Issues and Responsibilities

Communicating for Success

Conflict Resolution Strategies for the Workplace

Dealing with Change

Delegating Effectively

Emotions, Attitudes and Stress

Hiring for Success

Interviewing, Hiring, Orientation and Training

Making Employees Accountable

Management Preparation


Performance Management

Power and Influence

Structure, Culture and Change

Talent Management

Team Building

Team Dynamics

Team Environment and Behaviors

Time Management for Peak Performance

Using Motivational Training

Management Skills

A Background to Body Language

An Introduction to Listening

Becoming a Better Listener

Delivering Presentations

Introduction to Negotiation

Negotiation Strategies 1 – Strategy Basics

Negotiation Strategies 2 – Psychological Strategies

Preparing for Presentations

Removing the Barriers to Listening

Silent Selling – Using Body Language in Sales

Silent Speech – Understanding Body Language

Unproductive Questions

Using Body Language in the Workplace

Using Open and Closed Questions

Using Probing Questions

Why are Questions Important?

Mentor Videos

Mentoring Videos – total bundle


Customer Needs and Desires

Market Segmentation and Target Marketing

Marketing and Sales Objectives

Profit Margins and Sales Targets

Resolving Sales Objections

Selling and Closing Techniques

The Sales Verification Process


Microsoft Excel 2010 – Beginner

Microsoft Excel 2010 – Intermediate

Microsoft Excel 2013 – Beginner

Microsoft Excel 2013 – Intermediate

Microsoft Outlook 2010 – Beginner

Microsoft Outlook 2010 – Intermediate

Microsoft Outlook 2013 – Beginner

Microsoft Outlook 2013 – Intermediate

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 – Beginner

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 – Intermediate

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 – Beginner

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 – Intermediate

Microsoft Word 2010 – Beginner

Microsoft Word 2010 – Intermediate

Microsoft Word 2013 – Beginner

Microsoft Word 2013 – Intermediate

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