Predictor of Potential (POP)

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Predicting employee potential and performance

POP – Predictor of Potential™ assessments and 360 programs help you quickly, easily and affordably - Recruit, Develop and Retain.

Based on predictive analytics and thorough scientific validation, this extensive range of tools accurately predict potential, performance, and retention for a variety of roles and industries. One size does not fit all, you can now access solutions designed specifically for your industry.

From millions of profiles of people from over 3,500 organisations, we provide you highly developed and sophisticated ways in which to measure these success factors using a variety of normative profiles.

Why invest in unnecessary certifications?

Our reports are structured by our psychologists so that your executives, managers and HR personnel are provided with a level of clarity often missing from other reports. Don’t invest in unnecessary certifications when you can invest in reports that deliver meaningful data that everyone understands, and positively impacts the business.

Validity has partnered with SMG, the leader in Talent Management solutions, to deliver a best-in-class solution to help you Attract, Select, Retain and develop top potential employees. This gives you access to the solutions from the largest sales profiling company in the world.

Why Choose Our POP™ Assessments?

Amazingly affordable for every sized organisation.

Gain access to over 35 years of ongoing research and historical data into the factors that make employees successful.

Customized assessments to your needs and HR data.

No need for certifications – your ROI lies in the reports.

Choose individual products to meet your needs or take advantage of our fully integrated talent management solution.

Corporate rates available.

Special rates for Not for Profits.

Available 24/7, 365 days a year, across 45 countries and in over 40 languages.
Leader POP™

Leader Selection & Development Tool

The Leader POP™ is a selection and coaching tool designed specifically to help organizations select and develop leadership potential. It assesses the key personality traits, attitudes, and leadership competencies associated with high potential leaders.

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Professional POP™

Professional Selection Tool

The Professional POP™ is designed to help in the selection and retention all types of professionals, targeted at predicting high level performance whether they consult with individuals or provide enterprise solutions.

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Management POP™

Management Recruitment and Selection Tool

It has been shown that Management POP ™, a normative personality profile, can predict performance and retention in management and leadership positions.

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Predictor of Potential (Sales)

The POP7 (Sales POP™) is one of our most popular employee selection tools for selecting sales people. A thoroughly validated assessment tool, the Sales POP™ is used to select and develop high performing sales people and has been proven to predict performance and retention.

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360 Assessment

Talent & Inclusion Champion 360

Diversity and inclusion is clearly emerging as a competitive differentiator, yet only about 10% of organizations are truly inclusive. Talent & Inclusion Champion 360 is a new generation 360 assessment tool that enables you to assess and then create an action plan to realize the business case for talent, diversity, and inclusion.

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Want to Customize Your Assessment?

You can customize any of our POP assessments with our validated add-ons! Assess a broader range of individual attributes that predict a wide range of behaviours and competencies.

No matter how few or many assessments you require, talk to us today.

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