Course Details

This program contains 20 mandatory courses. All of the required courses in the program contain comprehensive training material, activities, application of concepts and solid assessments. Individual course certificates are generated upon successful completion of each course and you will receive a final certification designation certificate upon successful completion of all required training courses.

Successful completion of this certification training program allows for the use of the CCCS® accreditation mark after the registered certification applicant’s name. The objective of the certification process is to ensure that the successful Certified Contact Center Supervisor is trained and has the knowledge and skills to competently perform their job to an international occupational standard.

All registered certification candidates have 12 months to complete the required training and upon successful completion will receive a personalized certificate and be able to use the designation of CCCS®.

The total training duration of this program is approximately 57 hours.

This certification program includes 20 required and 1 optional course (Canadian Privacy & Security).

The Certified Contact Center Supervisor (CCCS®) program is targeted to service industry managers/supervisors (team leads, supervisors or any position that provides leadership, coaching, mentoring, and direction to employees) in any service environment.

  • Commitment to Professionalism
  • Professional Interaction
  • Managing Work Attributes
Communication Skills
  • Verbal Communication
  • Written Communication
  • Effective Listening
Technology Skills
  • Understanding Computer Systems
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Introduction to Monitoring Systems
Health & Safety
  • Health & Wellness
  • Ergonomics
  • Service Leadership
  • Supervision
  • Managing Employees
  • Contact Center Environment and Technology
Basic Human Resources
  • Basic Human Resource Management
  • Recruitment, Interviewing & Hiring
  • Professional designation
  • ISO certification program
  • International training curriculum
  • Comprehensive competency based training
  • Elevates service standards to a professional level
  • Creates a competitive edge
  • Provides enhanced career path
Course 1Coaching in the Workplace
Course 2Effective Listening
Course 3Verbal Communication
Course 4Written Communication
Course 5Customer Service Policies and Procedures
Course 6Structure, Culture and Change
Course 7Diversity in the Workplace for Employers
Course 8Health and Wellness
Course 9Management Preparation
Course 10Interviewing, Hiring, Orientation and Training
Course 11Common Human Resource-Related Issues and Responsibilities
Course 12Appraising Workplace Performance
Course 13Hiring for Success
Course 14Performance Management
Course 15Workplace Safety for Employers
Course 16Team Environment and Behaviors
Course 17Contact Center Information Use and Systems
Course 18Contact Center Telephony and Systems
Course 19Introduction to Contact Centers
Course 20Contact Center Time Management
OptionalCanadian Privacy and Data Security