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Succeeding in today’s ever-changing business environment demands solutions that support the needs of you, your entire team and your customers. Validity delivers a flexible and secure range of powerful digital solutions to support staff selection and development.

We leverage digital innovation to deliver best-in-class performance enhancement solutions for your individuals and teams. Your people can engage when they want and where they want, supported by our network across Australia/New Zealand, India, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and the United States.

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Accelerate your business with improved leadership performance

Our PERFORM® business leader program delivers the soft skills every organisation needs to achieve critical competitive advantage and sustainable business resilience for real growth.

PERFORM® courses are customisable to the specific requirements of the organisation or individual. Based on over 25 years of research, this is a highly engaging digital learning experience for leaders seeking to attain their optimum performance.

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Predict employee potential and performance

Intelligent selection is now affordable and easy for organisations of every size. At last you can access easy-to-use science for all your selection, promotion and development investments.

Based on predictive analytics and thorough scientific validation, our extensive range of tools accurately predict potential, performance, and retention for a broad variety of roles and industries. One size does not fit all; you can now access solutions designed specifically for your industry and your many roles.

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Project Management and Business Management Certifications

Internationally accredited courses and examinations delivered digitally ensure that your teams have meaningful certifications supporting you and your investments, with little to no on-the-job down time.

Your project teams and business managers can complete their certifications at their own pace, in their own time, to suit their individual schedule. Everything is right here in one place so you don’t need to spend time shopping around.

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Contact Centre and Customer Service Certifications

The only ISO, competency-based, customer service certification programs in the world that utilise international competency based standards and are accredited by the International Service Standards Alliance.

Our programs deliver a comprehensive set of people, process and technology competency skills for customer service that gives every graduate a solid foundation of the key areas of customer service.

Each program provides a professional designation for all graduates and their certification achievement can be found on a global public register of certified individuals.

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The courses I have undertaken have been challenging and topical. They are well-thought out and easy to navigate, providing just the right level of challenge to facilitate a true learning experience. This is not your standard, click and pass type of course – you have to be engaged and involved in the course from start to finish.

Lindsey Anslow, WalmartManager, Customer Experience and Contact Centre

The courses are challenging, informative and made me re-think what digital learning is all about.

This is a great program. The courses have good content, lots of activities, quizzes and a good assessment to make me learn.

Awesome program and obtaining an international certification in customer service is a huge benefit to me.

These courses have helped me do my job better.

Some of our International Clients