Your world is changing.

What is your strategy

for dealing with change?

Our solutions recognise and accommodate the fast pace of business, busy lifestyles and increased pressure to succeed.  We support organisations and individuals who seek training solutions that can be tailored to their very specific needs.

Validity Learning –

the online learning division

of Validity Group

Our courses are designed by qualified educators and multimedia experts, well versed in the latest developments in business and technology.  All course designs are based on the best practices in adult e-learning.  All courses have highly interactive components, provide learners with various learning options, and are designed to be very user-friendly.

In partnership with Orion Learning

Orion Learning is one of the global leaders in the training and development industry.  Their learning platform offers the latest technology and online courseware, allowing us to provide our customers with the best service possible.  Dynamic and interactive courseware for individuals and businesses allows learners to go at their own pace, in their own time, anywhere they choose.

About the courses
  • Competency based.
  • Provide specific job skills that most learning and development courses do not provide.
  • Created by certified teachers with backgrounds in adult education.
  • Multi-media development was completed by millennials who crafted each course to be informative to the user.
  • They are not ‘entertainment-style’ courses with voiceovers and video. This is because learners focus on the voice and the animations and completely skip over, miss or forget any learning objectives that the course may contain.
What makes our courses different?
  • We focus on specific job skill competencies and not just theory.
  • Learning outcomes follow the core competencies that are either prescribed by the National Occupational Standards for Canada, UK and USA, or are core competencies from Government Curricula from Canada, UK and USA. This makes all of our courses and programs inherently different from everyone else.