Predict employee potential and performance

Intelligent selection is now affordable and easy for organisations of every size.

At last you can access easy-to-use science for all your selection, promotion and development investments


Target and screen high volumes of applicants, maximising the Art and Science of screening through the integration of science and intuition


Scientifically validated, our tools accurately predict potential, performance and retention for a variety of roles and industries

360 POP

Provides leaders, managers, and employees with structured, practical feedback regarding specific competencies, strengths, and styles

Team POP

Maximise the performance of your existing team, create a new team, grow or streamline your team, or plan for a change in team composition and leadership

We’ve worked with some of the biggest brands

Inspiring engagements with new staff selection platforms that help you quickly, easily and affordably – Recruit, Develop and Retain

Based on predictive analytics and thorough scientific validation, our extensive range of tools accurately predict potential, performance, and retention for a broad variety of roles and industries. One size does not fit all; you can now access solutions designed specifically for your industry and your many roles.

From millions of profiles of people from over 3,500 organisations, we provide you highly developed and sophisticated ways in which to measure success factors using a variety of normative profiles.

Why invest in unnecessary certifications?

Our reports are structured by our psychologists so that your hiring managers and HR personnel are provided with a level of clarity often missing from other reports. Don’t invest in unnecessary certifications when you can invest in reports that deliver meaningful data that everyone understands, and positively impacts the business. Remove the bottlenecks so that your business can move with the speed and accuracy that it needs.

Validity has partnered with SMG, the leader in Talent Management solutions, to deliver a best-in-class solution to help you Attract, Select, Retain and develop top potential employees. This gives you access to solutions from the largest sales profiling company in the world.

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